Been playing 90 ball bingo at Moon Bingo

Added 2010-12-30 10:19:45

Hi guys, After running out of points last night to be able to play here at oh my bingo, i had a little wonder about all of my favourite bingo sites deciding where i would play. In the end i settled for moon bingo. I only had £5 in my account so i had to play it wisely.

Lol i had no wins but nearly every game i had one to go. So at least it was exciting hoping for a win. I did not even win any chat games last night.

I had not been very lucky here at oh my bingo so i guess it was just not a lucky day for me.

I did enjoy the games that i did play at moon bingo, played a couple of 10p games them moved to a 5p game room.

I only play the ninety ball bingo rooms, much prefer these more chance of getting a win. I know that in the 75 ball bingo rooms you can win more but i just never seem to have any luck there.

Never mind at least i have prebought tickets for the big jackpot game on new years day, so i hope by then my luck will have changed.