Been playing online bingo for a long time

Added 2010-07-26 14:42:36

hi my nane is sharon and my past time is playing bingo ,well thats obvious as i would not be here, well the more i play online bingo the more i realise all of us yes all of us are fibbers which is not meant in a nasty way so please dont take any affence from it but while i was playing bingo on another well known site i realised this is what we must really really do and mean   the first thing when we get our tickrts and cuppa and ciggie ready

we are say gl all,but really we mean i hope i win ,and then we say gl when someone  is on 1tg and we really mean hope my number comes out first and then wdw when someone wins and really we all think poo wish it had been me .and when you read this again and sit and think you will realize that i am just the same as what i have written si bingo fibbers i do wish you luck and hope you win but i wish i could do it a bit more than i do i dont mean to be mean but thats why i play i want the jackpot not once but every day gl all nanny123