Been playing recently on online bingo site Foxy Bingo

Added 2010-09-26 21:41:20

Hi OMBer's

I nearly deposited on Foxy bingo as they were advertising "Money back if you don't win" for this weekend ( 25th - 26th September and 2nd and 3rd of October).

But clicking on the "read more" section on the members page it says -  and I quote -  "A win is defined as a 1 to go or 2 to go win"

Now please feel free to kick me up the @***  but to me, a win is a win!! 1tg or 2tg in my book is DEFINATELY NOT a win!!

So does this mean on Foxy Bingo that if you actually manage to get to 2tg or heavens to mecca 1tg!! that this means a win??!!!!  And so get's them out of paying you back your deposit money?? Which I hasten to add is NOT the usual £10 but £20 deposit!!

I have never won on Foxy before when I've been waiting on 1 or 2tg!!

Oh how I wish Foxy bingo had been there when I was waiting for 1tg for the Tombola jackpot of £5,000!!!! Does this mean I actually, REALLY won the £5,000???!!!!!!  I think Tombola would have different views on this!!

Tut tut Foxy bingo!! We're all bingo addicts - not ALL blonde - and deffo NOT stoopid!!!

If this is the case then where are all the THOUSANDS  of pounds you owe me for when I've been waiting on 2tg??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Baaaaaaaaaaaad Foxy!!!!