Been playing recently on online bingo site Zoom Bingo

Added 2010-10-11 18:26:59

In the month I did not deposit on any bingo sites I did rather well,so I decided I would keep £50.00 on the go for online  bingo site who I had either not deposited on or who had what seemed to be good re-deposit bonuses.                                                      The rest of my winnings during this month I kept back for my daughters birthday and anything I win from now on will go towards xmas.But i will of course try and make sure that I have my £50.00 bingo pot lol

Anyway one of the sites I decided to deposit my hard earned winnings was ZOOM bingo.I can hear you all screaming fool,but I would not normally put money on these type of site.I decided to put it on here because the site is always on my bingo list that OMB  kindly give me and I hate spending golds on sites that I never deposited on.                                                                                So there is some sort of method to my madness. lol

I did manage to get my account up to 90 odd quid but then it all went to pot the second I looked to see how much was left to wager before I could withdraw .I know that I have not deposited enough yet but curiosity got the better of me.

I could not seem to find the link that puts any winnings back in to the bank account that was first used.all I could find was a bank wire/transfer thing and what I assume is winnings by cheque.                                                                                                            I went to live help and talk about useless,I did not get one piece of helpful info from the woman.I asked her that if I ever met the wagering and depositing requirements would I be able to put it in to the account that I used to deposit with and she just kept telling me how I have not met the requirements.

For god sake silly woman,I like things simple and this site in my opinion is far from simple.

If anyone knows if your bank card can be used once wagering/deposits are met,could you please let me know.ty

Wish you all gl xx