being one big happy bingo family again

Added 2011-04-16 09:24:45

After reading a news report earlier submitted by cm lou it got me thinking.

I know that there have been a lot of changes lately and people not very happy, but like cm lou says at the end of the day this is a free site, and there is not much in life that is free.

I felt really bad a couple of weeks back when some people did not think it was fair that some of us were writing lots of news reports which gave us lots of points and this was seen as an unfair advantage, though i did not quite understand how it was unfair as anyone can write a news report. I can assure you if i can anyone can. The funny thing is that since it has been cut back to 3 news reports a day lots more people are submitting news reports, players who have never written a news report before are now having a go.

I love reading all news reports i think that it is a great way of keeping up with what is going on in the world of online bingo.

Since then we have moved on to the coin fiddling, which i am sure that the players involved are sorry and if they could turn back the clock they would.

I hope that with the great new competition for the ipad 2 things can now settle down again and be  one big happy bingo family.