Best Sites for Bingo Birthday Bonuses

Added 2011-02-03 18:00:11

Was looking forward to opening my emails last week to see what birthday bonuses i would get. I wasnt happy coz i had no money in bank and didnt want my birthday to pass without a game.

I was really dissapointed with what i received.

Wink Bingo gave 1000 points and 75% deposit bonus, Tasty, Posh and 888ladies 75% deposit bonus, all these sites were offering higher bonuses on the day. When i got money used tastys code still got 50% but did get winks 75%

All mecca group sites 100% bonus, as they dont often give bonuses this was good but with no money in bank they all expired. Dont play these sites often so was more than expected.

Other sites i deposit regularly up to my limit, ladbrokes, sky, william hill, i got a big fat 0. So much for loyalty.

Now ive had my moan, the good sites,

I did recieve £5 from jackpot casino and they told me i only had to spend it once to withdraw, was really pleased with this.

But by far the best, giving me hours of free play on my big day..........OHMYBINGO........20000omps no catches no strings.

Thank you OMB would not have played online bingo if it wasnt for you, and i won my first real gold with it!

If any players have recieved good birthday bonuses from pay sites would be interesting to know if loyalty really does count.