Bet365 Bingo dish out free EuroMillions tickets when you play

Added 2011-02-22 16:44:41

Bet365 Bingo are giving you an amazing chance to hit the big time.  Ready to play the most explosive online bingo combination of all time?  That's because Bet 365 Bingo give you the chance to share a multi-million pounds win on the Euro Millions!  Every time you play standard 90 ball bingo, you get tickets to the next approaching lottery.  To take advantage of this sensational, potentially life-changing offer, click the Opt in button, and continue enjoying bingo.

Once you have opted in, for every tenner that you spend on 90 ball bingo, you get entered into a syndicate with 49 other players.  Anywhere up to four main numbers is paid to you in Bingo Loyalty Points, but it's when you get five numbers and above that the big winnings start to happen.

For instance, if you get five main numbers and two lucky stars, the whole syndicate gets to share millions of pounds.  It's an incredible way to play bingo, and you must join Bet365 Bingo today to take advantage of it.

Sign today and you get a tasty free bingo bonus of £25 once you spend and deposit £5, and then it's immediate access into the wonderful world of Bet365 Bingo and potential winnings on one of the world's biggest lotteries.  It's got to be done!

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Written by Tracy Garnett.