Better Odds and Less Players at Bingo Giving

Added 2013-09-09 07:50:05

The Daily Freebie Game is pretty much mandatory at Bingo Giving. This is a nice simple way to get your hands on £100 every day. To qualify, just make a deposit of £20 during the day, and you'll be able to play. The door pops open at 11 PM, so although it's a late game, the odds of winning are fairly decent, because there are fewer players. Click here to join Bingo Giving.

And if you're a fan of bonus codes, then be sure to check the latest deals. They are published on a weekly basis, and you can claim anywhere up to 75% on your deposit, depending on your VIP level.

So, you might be wondering why it's called Giving? The answer is easy – every month, a different charity is chosen, and Giving donate a proportion of their profits to this worthwhile cause. You can nominate your own favourite charity to be Charity of the Month as well – why not drop Gus the Giving Gorilla a line and let him know your suggestion?

Simply for joining, you are given a 200% bonus, plus a £2500 winning opportunity when you spin the wheel. You also get 48 hours of free bingo after you join – what's not to love?

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Written by Tracy Garnett