Better the devil you know

Added 2015-10-09 14:33:13

We've all been waiting so long for this revamp and now its nearly here some of us are wishing it wasn't happening,  already two cms have left,  they were more than cms they are our friends and i'm sure it goes for all of us in saying   we are going to miss them.

Theres so many unanswered questions,  whats going to happen to the gold that some peeps have been saving for years ?  where does the pay bingo come into it? does it mean we have to deposit to play free bingo as you do on many sites ?  Well theres still be meets.  are the rooms linked.  is there just going to be one chat room for all ?  is this the end of OhMyBingo as we know it ?  are you going to explain how this is going to work ben or just throw us in at the deep end ?  some peeps have been here since the start of OhMyBingo and deserve some loyalty like theyve given omb