Betting tab on OhMyBingo

Added 2011-03-23 18:04:10

A month or 2 ago I asked if there was any chance of a betting tab like the ones we have for poker,scratch card etc,but  at the time it did'nt appear that many people would be that interested in using the tab.  I think this is a shame because not everyone knows how many sporting sites also have bingo.

I personally like all my gambling under the one roof.I like to be able to play casino and bingo and sometime have a little flutter if i'm feeling lucky.

Also more often than not any winnings are in your bank account way quicker than the average online bingo site.  I have no idea why this is but when I play at  mecca/blue sq .( these are joined) my winnings are in my account 2 days after withdrawing.  So for instance if i withdrew on monday the winnings are in my bank on wednesday morning.

I find if I withdraw from tombola or caesars,heart etc then i would have to wait at least another day and if I withdrew from golden hat, beacon etc then i would be waiting way into the next week.

So if anyone is interested in a betting tab then please say xx

Also don't forget that there are some great betting and casino deposit bonuses at some of these sites xx