Big Brother 3 Time Winner on Paddy Power Bingo

Added 2010-08-09 08:43:24

I have to admit there have been some negative reports about some sites, so I would like to tell you that I have actually won the £500 jackpot on my favourite slot game Celebrity Big Brother  not only once but....three times. In the past  3-4 months

The first time was on Bingos UK after I had won the 10 free spins and managed to withdraw the money with no problem at all.  

The next two times were both on Paddy Power Bingo and they were about a month apart.  I have also had many smaller jp wins on this slot game too and have never had any trouble withdrawing from this site.

But before you think it is too easy, I must warn you that it is very addictive and you can end up putting a lot of money in also and lose it.  So my advice to anyone wanting to play the slots is to set themselves a limit as to how much they can afford to play, and try to stick to it. I do not say try lightly because as I have said the slots and especially this one is very addictive - but soooo much fun, very exciting and a nice addition to online bingo too.  I guess that is one of the reasons we do get addicted lol.