Big changes at online bingo site We Luv Bingo

Added 2011-01-18 17:24:30

Hi, i have been playing on we luv bingo for years it was my favourite site .But they have changed it so now you only get two rooms to play in during the day when ther use to be at least four , one of the reasons i liked we luv was because it was one of the smaller sites but now it is to small during the day.

I used to like playing in the five pence room in the daytime and ther use to be a seventy five room open for a short time at daytime with one to go winners getting a share of the winnings.I dont think two rooms are enough to play in you get bored stuck in two rooms.At night time ther are new jackpot games played more often than ther use to be which is better but still not many rooms to play in.Alot  of new players joined latley attracted to the jackpoy games ,i use to like the small friendly rooms.I myself liked it the way it use to be and whished they never changed it some players might like the changes or could just get use to them i liked it the way it use to be  .