Big free bingo games at RedBus Bingo

Added 2010-06-02 12:41:03

i spent all evening on saturday night playing freebies on a few different sites. i was getting really fed up as i hadnt won a single game then i remembered about the free games on red bus bingo i was too late for the last free game i had missed it grrrrr but when i logged on i had £150 sitting in my account i had won the free game earlier!!! i was so pleased!! the only bad thing is that when you win on the free games it is in bonus funds so you have to play it in online bingo.

 i thought to myself well i cant withdraw so i mught as well do a bit of raiding lol. So i went in every single room on RedBus Bingo and bought max tickets i even bought 24 tickets at £1 each so spent around £65 on my first raid lol. after about 5 mins my balance started going up my raid was a big sucess i won £64 from it. i went to cashier and withdrew it because you dont lose the bonus funds if you withdraw so i carried on raiding and withdrawing till my bonus money run out i ended up with £123 all together it was great!

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