Big freeze on the Free Bingo game

Added 2010-10-22 12:14:14

hi would just like to say about the big freeze that happened on monday up put the twins to school done all me cleaning up sat down with a nice cuppa ready for oh my bingo.bought me tickets had a few games.then the worse thing happened it all froze.well i didnt know what to do nearly passed out. thought what i am i going do no bingo so i went shopping with my daughter;she was the same as me saying o mum what are we going to do with no bingo bonus. well we done all are shopping got home clicked on to oh my bingo and still nothing phoned my daughter to see if hers was on.

and she said no didnt no what to do with my self so out come the ironing board done all the ironing.then went up stairs done all the bedrooms come down still no oh my bingo .phoned my daughter again to ask if hers was on she said no.oh what are we going to do i said.she had done all her ironing and cleaning then i went to check again and i coudnt belive my eyes it was on .phoned my daughter straight a way to tell her she was made up it was back on.then shock i had no points left well i was i done a few reviews and got sum points for oh my bingo so i was happy again.hope it doesnt happen again we didnt know what to do with our selfs when it froze.when we did get back on the chat was so funny every one was saying the same thing that they had done all there cleaning and other thinds that needed doing.just like to say that oh my bingo is one of the best bingo sites i have been on hpoe the freeze dosent happen again. need me makes my dayyyyyy.