Big Game at Moon Bingo on New Years Day

Added 2010-12-13 19:16:12

Hi guys, I have just been checking my emails and came across one from moon bingo that i had received on Friday.

On the first of January they have a big jackpot game for £11,111 now would that not just kick start your new year. Tickets only cost 1p and the maximum number of tickets is 96.

I think it is fantastic that tickets are so cheap and this way at least everyone can afford to buy the maximum tickets and all stand the same chance of winning.

I for one will definitely be buying tickets for this game.

Just imagine it was a member of oh my bingo that won now would that not just be fantastic.

They have alot of good promotions on just now for the festive period.

I hope that we have some winners that play here. As moon bingo is one of the more popular bingo sites i am sure that most of us are already members, but if you are not already a member this is certainly the best time to join up so that you do not miss out on a chance to win £11,111.

Good luck to all oh my bingoers hope some of us are lucky at moon bingo this Christmas.