Big Heart Bingo Gives To Charity

Added 2010-08-17 07:59:14

hi there ohmybingo players, just to let you all know about a great online bingo site (dont know how long it has been around or if it is new).  It is called Big Heart Bingo and it is the only online bingo site that plays for charity.

While you play you can earn money for a number of different charities from a list.  You choose which one you will play for, it really does look like a great concept and I am goning to fully sus it out by playing the games and such, so I will let you all know wether it says what it is advertising and whether it is a good site as far as rooms and players etc.

You get a free ten pounds to try it out so you could pop along to the site and have a try yourself.  It is really great thinking you can give back to a charity whilst you enjoy and induldge in one of my favourite pastimes, online bingo!

Well I'll get back with how i think the site is but the first impressions look good and that all ways stands for some thing in my books.