Big Jackpots lots of fun at COSTA Bingo

Added 2011-04-25 18:43:06

I have read lots of bingo promotions for new sites, not quite sure how but i stumbled accross one that i am sure is a site that has been around for some time.

Not only does Costa bingo have free rooms but it has 1p 5p 10p rooms as well as a £50 pound jackpot on the hour. Ive been on this site for while now and again last night and i must say i have been very impressed with the huge variety and scale of the site.

I was very impressed with the daily jackpot of £2500 every night at 9pm and on a friday night it is £10,000 . I had a dabble as you do at the £2500 game, and was 1tg on 3 cards when i only brought 10 cards i thought this seemed a good chance for me lol.

I do get a bit lost as there are lots of rooms and every 4 - 6 mins they have a £150 jackpot in one or the other rooms or a progressive to try your luck at, i must admitt i was shooting about like a headless chicken the first time, chasing the big bucks lol. i am sure the more experienced online bingo player would walk this site to their benefit. Well worth a look i will be a regular from now on as i really enjoy it, and the bonus on your deposits are very welcoming also. So happy hunting and winning at Costa probably see you there.......... Good Luck.