Big news at Think Bingo

Added 2011-06-15 15:20:12

Check this out! Think Bingo have opened a brand-new room called 5uper Five. And, just to make it extra special, they have loaded up the progressive jackpot to massive proportions.

The exciting thing about Think Bingo's room is that it is a five line, 75 ball bingo game. There is no middle square to colour in, but you do get five chances to win every time. You can either win on one line, going up, left, right, down or diagonal, and you also get prizes for two, three and four horizontal lines. The jackpot goes on the full house coverall. How exciting is that!?

To get your hands on a huge progressive jackpot, just bingo on the full house in 49 calls or less. This progressive jackpot is available in every game, and the room has only just opened. Play at Think Bingo between 7 PM and 10 PM. Ready for some fun? Then join right now for your free online bingo bonus and to play in this brand spanking new room. There is a whopping big PJP up for grabs, and it's got your name on it, it appears!

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Written by Tracy Garnett.