Big Night In at Bet365 Bingo

Added 2011-03-28 23:49:31

Last night i played at bet 365 in there big night in game.

There was a big game every 1/2 hour from 6 pm till 11 pm.

And the games in between had very good size pots as well. There were about 450 people playing and tickets cost from 25p to 50p

Sadly i did not have a win at Bet365 Bingo but it was quite exciting watching the game play.

But as usual when on a paying site and the pots are big there were a few people moaning about the same winners.

There were about 3 names that cropped up a few times, one guy was in the chat and said that he had won £800 from the football and was able to max that is why he had won a couple of games.

Another person that won £250 said that she had only bought 2 tickets and was still lucky enough to win.

It got a bit boring listening to people moaning someone else even swore in chat so in the end i decided to max use up my money and leave.

When i maxed lol i still lost, it is a shame that people just cant be happy when others win.