Big Online Bingo Mistakes Lol

Added 2010-10-30 10:58:53

when playing bingo have you ever made a huge mistake whether it be typing something in chat by mistake, saying ty for winning a ful house when you didnt win etc

I have made one big one before, i logged onto a site a message came up congratulating someone on an online bingo win. I went to reply to this post only ti me that they were congratulating me on winning £250 on mirror bingos free game. I couldnt believe my eyes and thought surely they had made a mistake but i thought i would check my account anyway.

Off i popped to mirror bingo and sure enough there sitting in my account was a lovely £250, i had barely played those free games and had just logged in the night before and pre brought the tickets, went to bed and forgot about it. anyway in my excitment i only went straight o the cashier and deposited £250 instead of withdrawing!!!!!!!! i soon realised what i had done so had to withdraw the full £500 back lol.

Only problem was i didnt have £250 in the bank so ended up going overdrawn and paying the bank £90 of my lovely free winnings in overdraft fees :(

I hadnt been playing bingo for long so that whole withdrawing method was new to me. I soon learnt my mistake though and now everytime i deposit or withdraw i make sure i double check everythings correct before i hit that submit button,

Can anyone beat that silly error lol?