Big Prize Claims on OhMyBingo

Added 2013-12-04 08:25:30

Hi All, as you know I've recently claimed my kindle and it's winging its way to me as we speak.  Thanks! I've been giving some thought to a couple of things including teapots, big prize claims & the fantastic amounts of moolah we collect for charity each year.

As you all know - we have a loyalty system of challenges to complete before you can claim prizes.  I think everyone agrees that this is the right strategy as it keeps people loyal and encourages contribution to the site.

I've also been giving some thought to the tea trophies and challenges in particular.  At the moments the tea trophies do nothing - what about putting the coins into a communal 'teapot' pool and donate them to the charity? Alternatively - do away with the teapots and introduce smaller donations (say from increments of £1).  Make a criteria for claiming a prize X amount to charity instead of teapots that currently do nothing.

Also, by introducing a £1 level for charity donations - I think you'd encourage more OhMyBingo roomies to donate on a regular basis as it'd not be such a coin commitment - or thinking outside the box - what about having a facility to pool your coins with other roomies that wish to donate?

Just a few thoughts... why not join in with yours below...