Big Thanks to all at OMB

Added 2012-08-07 16:31:40

Hi all its boring little me again lol. I would like to thank you all for yr lovely comments on my last news post. Some of the replies bought tears to my eyes when i read them.I really think if i didnt have you all on OhMyBingo i wud have had a breakdown by now.You are all wonderful people and if Ben cant get his backside in gear and organise the next meet to be in Brighton then i will have the pleasure of putting names to faces.I would really love to meet u all u have become part of my family in a way.I am trying to get my life back together and slowly but surely it is going to happen.I am quite a weak person but you have all helped me become a bit stronger.My son has suffered too through all this turmoil in our life,but he has been a great help and inspiration for me,when i get really low he is there for me,well actually we have become so much closer.Would also like to add its so good to have our TRIX back i have really missed her and really hope she doesnt tire herself out again xx.Thanks for listening tc all n gl for golds xxxx