Big thanks to the CMs on OhMyBingo

Added 2010-11-12 14:53:43

Lately ive been playing alot on OhMyBingo as i got to admit i only really popped on for gh and a few games during the day, but these last couple of days the CM's have made me feel welcome and ive had alot of fun.

I will see a CG posted and i usually leave but other day i thought why not lets play i think it was with cm_lou and it was lucky # so i picked 42 don't know why i chose it but im glad i did as i won quite a few chat games so i carried on playing on omb and then next thing i knew it was time for school run so as soon as i got back logged back on played few games then it was golden hour then it was CG time again so i played and won a few i actually maxed out on the CGs which i neverrrrrrrrr do lol.

Ive played CGs with ikkle lou maraki and chianty (wish she would make her 11pm quiz easier lol) and ive got to say thanx to you all you have really made me smile the last few days and ive had such a laugh, made some nice friends in chat aswell as ive started to talk alot more lol.

So thanx CMs and OMB for the CsS and OMPs xxx