Big Thanks to the Quiz Queen

Added 2014-10-13 08:43:41

I would just like to say a big thank you to harriethen, as when chat was stuttering to say the least on Saturday evening and unfortunately we had no CM, harrie stepped in with a quiz for fun and soon had a good number of us joining in with our uneducated guesses (well that was me anyway).

CM tickle managed to get a little break from the demands of new motherhood and began to comp the quizz winners as she would if it were a chat game and all of a sudden a few more players crept out of the woodwork and good fun was being had until my internet crashed and i missed all the rest. How very annoying humph.

Anyway when again on Sunday evening a number of players seemed to be asleep along came harrie with another quiz (too hard harrie am not that bright hehe) and a few bleary eyed players again joined in. So thank you harrie please set some more quizzes players can even take turns to do one if you dont have time and if a CM could pop on and comp the winners all the better as it seems there are a lot of us who enjoy a good quiz on OhMyBingo.