Big win from free cash at King Jackpot Bingo

Added 2011-07-15 10:20:34

I have to admit that bingo sites such as King Jackpot Bingo and bingo cafe are not my fav sites,but if I receive a bonus from them I more often than not use it.

On tuesday I had a free bonus code of 5 quid.( 2.50 cash n 2.50 bonus bucks ).I personally don't think much of the bingo so thought i would give the slots ago. I was lucky on my first spin and won 3.40 and in no time at all with regular small wins and a 30 odd quid spin i was up to 60 quid,so when a 240 quid spin popped in I was chuffed to bits.

Knowing these sites have quite high and some what crazy wagering requirements I decided not to get to excited and go check what they wanted me to wager prior to withdrawing.

Well I have to admit I was not surpised to find that if I played the bingo I would have to wager a further 255 pound and if I wanted to continue playing slots then i would have to wager an amazing 1142 pound lol.

I decided I would up the stake a little and continue playing the slots in the hope that I would win enough to then start playing the bingo, luckily this worked and before i knew it i was 3 quid shy of a grand.

When I went and checked back with the withdrawing requirements I was down to a little over 500 quid to wager before i could take any winnings so decided i would have more chance on the slots and which ever way I would be able to take around 400 pound.

When i had met and the requirements I had 550 in my balance so withdrew the 500.00 and played with the 50.00,and i know have another 200.00 to withdraw but because of the sites odd T&C i have to wait 48 hours before I can withdraw it.

I have to say that I don't really understand the wagering requirements but assume its based on your origanal deposit and any bonuses you recieve,which was why mine was so high.

Anyway I'm chuffed to bits with my win at King Jackpot Bingo and would encourage anyone who has deposited on these sites to use any free money they offer as this is my second time of winning from the free money they hand out quite regularly .

wish you good luck xxxxx