Big Win on a Free Bingo Game

Added 2013-02-11 08:36:57

I'm currently a member of a few online bingo sites which give you the opportunity to play cash games or play there free games.

I was wondering if anyone out there has a great story of a big win on a free bingo game.

I regularly play costa bingo as a depositing player as well I take advantage of their free bingo games, prizes are good in VIP rooms but I have yet to report a big win have you had a win at any sites ? ? ?

I think the number of people in these free rooms kind of takes the odds of actually getting a win or is it just that age old rule of being lucky ? ? ? or not ? ?

I am hopeful in one day winning big as prob we all are hoping, The only thing i do not like in these rooms is the fact that some people use them to moan and moan I mean come on its free no matter what the odds or your luck is.

Want to hear some happy stories of that big win or even a little win that you used to win big x