Big win on Jackpot City Bingo

Added 2010-07-07 18:28:41

i won 800 pounds on jackpot city bingo and couldnt belive my eyes and i only had five pounds credited to my account in cash i didnt think i would win so much but i did i have never felt so much intrested in all these sites available and as an added bonus you get extra credit when you have deposited such as 100% deposit bonus the other thing is and it a funny thing when you play bingo you dont have to use a dabber to cross your numbers off like so it is so much easier for me an i just wanted to put that point accross what im getting at is ive had alot of trouble using a dabber in the past

like missing the numbers plus the shouts and wins ive always had help but now iv got my own computer with bingo on it has change my life for ever and i hope it does the same for others the other thing is it also has a count down on how many numbers you have left so theres another advantage the prize money is very good i think as well not just saying because i won few times but i think so in general i  like the slots most of all because thats where i hit the big one the