Big wins at Love Your Bingo

Added 2011-01-25 18:35:34

Hi guys, I was up very early this morning 5.15 am, as there were not enough people on here for the bingo to start, so to pass some time i decided to have a look around some off my bingo accounts to see if i had any money lying that i had forgotten about.  When i logged in to my costa bingo account i found i had over twenty pounds sitting, i played a few games and won two lines, i have pre bought tickets for later in the week so i will have to remember and go back and check my account.

Then i logged in to love your bingo to find that i had a little over three quid there, i used all of the £3 and bought some tickets to my amazment i won £14.11 for one line, the next game tickets cost 25p i bought some tickets and was gob smacked to again get a win this time for two line £28.31. I have withdrawn £30 and left a few pounds for another day.

I kept looking through some more of my bingo account but all i could find was a few pence, i bought some ticket on free games as i went so you never know maybe i have been lucky.