Big wins in the Little Big Bingo Free Room

Added 2011-06-12 12:29:31

As readers of my posts will know, one of my regular online bingo haunts is over at the rather fantastic Little Big Bingo. One of the most surprising things about this rather colourful site are the rather juicy prizes up for grabs in its free room. Opening from mid-day, seven days a week there's a chance to win heaps of cash; to withdraw if you get enough or splurge on the very reasonable bingo games to try and build towards your withdrawl.

From 4pm - 8pm every day (Although currently it appears to be 3 - 7pm; I wonder if someone has forgotten to reset the clocks) there are pots of a massive twenty-five pounds to be won on the hour! What I really like about the free room here is that, unlike some competitors games may only be played 10 minutes apart even at their most regular, but it means that pots of seven or ten pounds are common for this totally free game. My personal opinion is that I tend to like this style of game because it gives me the chance to win a meaningful lump of cash. Just tonight, I've played for a couple of hours and have won £5.50. Ok - so it won't pay off the family mortgage, but it's a lot better than I seem to do on other sites with free rooms with uber-regular games but tons of players. Don't get me wrong - I like playing with others, but I also love to win :D So next time you're stuck for a decent free room to play in, why not give Little Big Bingo a try.