Biggest online bingo wins are in Costa Bingo

Added 2010-10-20 12:35:32

Me and the other half were talking about my biggest wins the other day and it got me thinking what is your biggest win online and on what site?

I have never had a win in the thousands but have had a few biggish wins.

The best win i have had when i deposited is £660 in one week on costa bingo all from a £10 deposited, i started off with a £200 win and everyday i would risk £10 until my balance was at £660 so i quickly made sure i withdrew and stoppped risking it incase i ended up losing the lot.

I have had a few big wins for free, i won £250 a few years ago on mirror bingo when they had the free games every hour, i won 50p on moon bingo when i first joined and turned it into £270 ( how i managed that i dont know, god loved me that day lol) but the best free win as you all know was the £410 on sing bingo a few weeks ago, still cant get over that one.

Im hopeful that i will have a huge win one day but i guess winning is just a bonus when your playing something you enjoy :)