Bingo and casino bonus codes

Added 2010-04-12 12:14:40

I AM FINDING IT A LITTLE BIT ODD THAT IN MY EXPERIENCE UK BINGO AND CASINO CODES EVEN PROMOTED BY THEIR OWN SITES ARE NEVER VALID, I have tried loads for all different sites like mecca bingo and games, sky bingo and sky vegas, virgin bingo and virgin games and ladbrokes casino bingo and games most of the sites I have mentioned I thoroughly enjoy playing and the on;y downfall is that they have very few depo promotions and the ones they do usually have a based on one or a selection of three slots etc and after wagering £25 you get a match or a cash back bonus which I dont bother with to expensive I hate waiting 24-48 hours for my account to be credited with my cash back earning so while im sure some players that enjoy it those wo dnt get to deposit and get no bonus!!!" a little salt in woumds when codes aint valid either lol.

does anyone have any codes to share

on virgin there  mondays fiver type FIVER in bonus code box and get cah match

also before depositiing type RELOAD in the bonus codes box and on 30th april you will benfit from any reloads you have made

anyone have any ladbrokes or sky codes cmon SHARING'S CARING!!!!;) LOL