Bingo as a Family with OhMyBingo

Added 2011-01-01 12:17:08

I found out the other day my amount of money i have spent on each bingo site and to be honest i wasnt that shocked, although i didnt process any withdrawels i dont mind because i find many bingo sites so enjoyable, all me and my family play online bingo and sometimes even play it as a family.  i would recommend it to anyone that has nothing today throughout the day as the chatrooms and all the chatmods make it friendly.

i also started playing oh my bingo as the chat games are great and you always win the tokens, great site oh my bingo.  theres plenty of ways to also win points by proccessing jokes or your own family recipes.  the site is great as once you have enough tokens you can convert them cash on lots of othersites like, costa, gossip bingo, and many other sites, and on top of that when you join a site through oh my bingo you also get points which let you play bingo on the site again. overall i recommend you join oh my bingo as your dont just win from oh my bingo but you also win on other real bingo sites because you get bonus cash off them because of oh my bingo, so join now i reccomend it its not just me its me and my whole family that play this site, so join now!