Bingo Bazz Bingo Buster at the Mecca Bingo Part II

Added 2010-11-04 14:38:47

After my brush in the mecca bingo at the age of fifteen (see part one for details) all was quiet on the bingo front until one day when I was 16. I was holidaying in the sunny town of Southport, where I wandered into an arcade there to the left of the fruit machines and one arm bandits lay a whole row of prize bingo machines, the kind with the slidey shutters. In the center surrounded by (what can only be described as) a load of cheap looking tat was a rough looking chap with a denim waistcoat and a flat cap. Microphone in hand rambling on like John Mccririck on race day.

 Looking around I noticed people transfixed to these machines popping in 20p after 20p sliding them shutters back and forth all the while flat cap man is droning on all the 1's legs eleven (somebody pipes up with a whistle) witwoo. I stood for a while and watched the zombie like people popping in them 20 pence pieces. It got me to thinking why? and what for? Every time someone bingo'ed they'd get a little ticket. What were they? and, what were they for?

 Surely the cheap looking tat behind flat cap man was not why these people were popping in 20p after 20p?

 I moved closer to get a better look, when someone emerged from the back staff room it was only "Nimble Nigel" from the mecca in Liverpool. I slid behind the noughts and crosses machine. I thought to myself what the hell is he doing here and would he recognise me from a year ago?

 He bid a farewell to flat cap man and went out the door.

 I had to get one of these tickets. I just had to see what it was all about, and why these zombified bingo heads sat there all day...........


To be continued