Bingo Bazz Undercover Bingo Buster at Mecca Bingo

Added 2010-09-30 16:33:34

Bingo_Bazz is not my real name it is a psudeonym to protect my real identitiy. I first got into bingo reporting back in the eighties when when the bingo halls where all the rage. These days its not as a dangerous world as it once was. With online bingo you can hide under different names and IP addresses.

One dark night in 1988 when I was 15 years old, I sneaked into the Mecca bingo with notepad in hand initially it was just for my maths homework but what I seen in there that night was to chnge my lifes path forever.

At first glance everything looked normal. I'd spent my  £2 pocket money on a strip of books and sat near the back of the hall with my granddads trilby on trying to look inconspicuous so as not to get booted out of the place , but as the evening progressed I began to notice all the regulars starting gradualy speaking in a native tongue, which sounded sort of ooohhhh aaarrgghh ooohhhh. I thought this strange and concluded it must be some sort of bingo ritual. All the regulars were older looking people with grey hair and sagging features. I glanced down at my book and started dabbing away. I could'nt believe it I was down to one number, allsorts of things started going through my head,

do I shout house?

Do I keep quiet? (afterall I was underage)

If I do, do I do it in a deep gruff voice?

Then "two fat ladies 88" shouted the caller. No time to think I shouted it out "BINGO". The lady came up and took my ticket and gave me a stare like she was trying to burrow through my head and into my brain. Trying not to make eye contact and hiding under the trilby I handed over the ticket. She walked off towards the bingo caller glancing back at me a few times, and as she did this I started feeling really uncomfortable. She veered of to the left of the bingo caller and headed towards a jaunty looking fella in a pin stripe suit, shirt and tie (I now know this to be "nimble Nigel" the bingo manager).

Glancing around I noticed the regulars all getting restless the tribal chanting was now getting louder "ooooh  aaarrgghhh aaarrgghh ooohh". One old regular turned around with a grinning toothless expression hissed "you should'nt be in here". Nimble Nigel and his aide were by this time hot on thier heels coming towards me. I had to think on my feet as it seemed every eye in the place was now on me. What were these so called "regulars"? They were like no old people I had met before they behaved in a very odd way.

There was only one thing for it as "Nimble Nigel" was advancing to restrain me for the pleasure of these "Regulars" I done the only thing I could I grabbed my pack of 4 dabbers and threw them into the aisle between the advancing Nimble Nigel and myself. With this action the "regulars" still chanting "oooohhh aaarrggh" all followed the line of the dabbers. Then like zombies they all headed towards the aisle and the dabbers. With Nimble Nigel's path blocked I made my escape.

This was the beginning of my reporting career. Just what were these so called "regulars"? and what did they do to normal folk just like us?

I just had to get to the bottom of it.