Bingo Birthday Bonus at Gala Bingo

Added 2010-05-12 17:09:40

Last year on my birthday, I gained £5.00 from three different bingo sites just for having a birthday without having to deposit.  I was looking forward to this happening again on May 2nd this year, but guess what?

Yep, you got it, all I gained without grovelling was £1.00 from Gala.  I was surprised about Gala Bingo because I haven't played on there for almost a year, and was really happy. 

Wink eventually managed to give me 5000 points when I contacted their support but that took some time. 

All the other sites that I am on expected me to deposit before they gave me a present!  Bit like buying your own present really lol!

The amount of money these bingo sites must gain each day would suggest to me that they could go that little bit further and give a birthday bonus to their members, especially if they are loyal members and play regularly. 

What do other members think about this, I think it is time we started speaking up for ourselves.

I may not be able to deposit due to circumstances at present but still enjoy playing, so come on all you bingo sites spread a little sunshine in our lives occasionally!!!