Bingo Bonanza as Gala Bingo Winner Hits High 5 jackpot

Added 2010-06-10 09:34:13

Lucky local wins £250,000 and shares half with rest of club!

It was a special night at Gala Bingo in Colchester on Wednesday, June 2, when a lucky local scooped an incredible £250,000 on the High 5 jackpot.

The winner, a local lady from Colchester who has chosen to remain anonymous, was playing bingo with her friend when she won the full house prize of £10,000 - and was shocked to find she’d also hit the High 5 jackpot, taking her winnings up to over £135,000.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Colchester luck didn’t stop there. Because of the groundbreaking nature of the High 5 game, half of the overall jackpot - £125,000 - was shared between the 248 players in the club at the time of meaning each player took away £504.03 each!

The winner said: “I am absolutely ecstatic with the win. It hasn’t sunk in yet! I’m going to spend the money on home improvements and a holiday. My friend and I have played bingo together at Gala Colchester for 14 years. We’ve always dreamed of winning the big one and we always said that we’d split it between us. We were so pleased we called on number five and got to share the jackpot with the rest of the club. We won’t stop coming to Gala Bingo though – we love it!’”

Gala Bingo Colchester Club general manager Steve Riley said: “We’re absolutely thrilled for her. Someone from another club called ‘house’ at the same time so we thought the jackpot would be split two ways – but that turned out to be a false call. Everyone was so shocked – the players were all looking round in disbelief while the news sunk in. It took a while for everyone to calm down after that! The atmosphere was electric. All the players were thanking the winner for helping them win £504 each! Gala Colchester is a friendly club and Wednesday was certainly a night to remember.”This is the first High 5 win at Gala Colchester. At odds of some one in 1,145 million, Gala Bingo in Warrington saw two £250,000 wins in the space of just 6 days in the week before Christmas. The total High 5 prize money is over a staggering £30 million since its launch in September 2007, and it’s easy to see why the game has been one of Gala Bingo’s most successful to date.

The High 5 game offers a unique chance for customers to play for a jackpot. With better prize money and even more chances to win, the linked High 5 game is Britain’s biggest bingo jackpot, bigger than almost all online bingo jackpots.

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