Bingo Bonanza Mid Week Scores

Added 2011-09-15 17:45:48

Hiya all,

Ooooo wat a fun tourney this is becoming come 3pm every day you players are coming into chat just to play along and try get those bonanza points and i am so pleased that you are enjoying this so much the friendly rivalry is sometimes so funny you do need to come and join us to see this even if you started to play today you are still well within a chance of winning a prize 

Now the bit you all been waiting for the top five as of last 

1st place ............. beverly

2nd place............. tickleikkle

3rd place............daveput123

4th place.............charlie

5th place................emma13583

Remember there is still everything to play for and the top five change daily it is all really down to luck this game and calling full house on the higher numbers lol 

And dont forget that if you have the least ammount of bonanza points you can still get 2000 omps so you really do have everything to play for we have lots of new players for bonanza this week and all have nothing but good things to say about it which i am so pleased about and it just goes to show even ya very own dizziest cm has a good idea now and again lol

Good luck everyone playing at OhMyBingo and all who join me