bingo bonanza results for this week

Added 2011-09-11 12:20:25

hiya all

what a fun filled week we have had with online bingo bonanza this week the friendly rivialry in the chat room is second to none and im so pleased that so many of you are joining me every day to play along 


now the bit you all been waiting for 

1st place ..... tytyj ....... with a whopping 547 bonanza points 

2nd place.... bumblebee....... with 379 bonanza points

3rd place....cagsywagsy......with 334 bonanza points 


and our lowest score prize this week of 2000 omps goes to joeoent who scored 5 bonanza points 

wd to all who joined me and extra good luck this week 

tytyj  you have won 2 gold coins wd hunni xxxx

bumblebee you have won 15 silver coins wd hunni xxxx

cagsywagsy you have won 50 bronze coins wd hunni xxxx 


now dont think you need to win every day several times to be in with a chance of a prize on bonanza as this is deffinately not the case our second  place winner bumblebee never got any points at all for 2 days so it is all totally down to luck and winning the full house on high numbers as i said yest to roomies s/one could win 5 full houses and only total 60 bonanza points and another player could win once n get 90 bonanza points so there really is everything to play for so come join me from 3 pm till 5 pm mon to sat in ticketyboo and start racking up your bonanza points 

good luck everyone this week xxxx