Bingo Bonanza Results

Added 2011-09-05 13:36:35

I really do want to say thank you to all players that have joined me from 3 till 5 every day for bingo bonanza you all have made this a great first week.

Now the exciting bit the winners:

In 1st place we have cagsywagys with a bonanza score of 357 wd hunni 2 gold coming your way. 

In  2nd place we have bumblebee with a bonanza score of 354   wd hunni 15 silver coming your way. 

In 3rd place we have charlie with a bonanza score of 322    wd hunni 50 bronze coming your way.

We had over 48 players in this weeks tourney and it has been so much fun in chat esp the friendly rivalry between players so come join me on monday for anther week of bingo bonanza fun 

The beauty of this game is its all down to luck its not how many times you win but what number you win on that counts so everyone of you roomies could walk away with the coins this week the leaders have changed almost daily so it really is worth popping in for a few games after all you may get a bonus for doing what we all love best here and thats playing bingo.

You do need to be in chat to play as you can only win bonanza points by claiming bonanza good luck all this week at OhMyBingo!