Bingo Bonanza What A Treat

Added 2011-09-05 13:33:28

Hi i just want to say well done to trix with her bingo BONANZA that was a promo that i looked forward to every day. Not only for the chance to be one of the winners, which i was so happy to come second, but the actual buzz in the room we all had such a good laugh in the afternoons when at times in the past some tend to just play and not speak. We all turned up 3pm on the dot till 5pm and had a good old giggle and banter. I got that hooked didnt want to miss a day lol. I am really pleased to hear that its going to be on every week and not just a one off.

So come on guys you who have not joined in yet. I'm 15 silver coins up for winning second place.

Thanks again Trixee and look forward to monday to see if i can get third place or first place next time if not at least i had fun trying.

A big thankyou trix for giving your time and effort in to keep us all hooked on OhMyBingo (nice one)