Bingo bonus on at Costa Bingo

Added 2010-06-14 18:05:50

every england game there is during the world cup  the next day costa are gonna give you 25% bonus on top of the 50% you get for every goal englan score so last sunday it was 75% bonus as england scored only 1 goal!

so leat hope they do really well on friday and score 10 woohoo good luck england and good luck all that play at Costa Bingo also this week they are still doing the free bingo spin to win anything from points to cash its worth a spin as it costs you nothing! and dont forget to get ya tickets for the free ganes they run every day for bronze silver and gold members you can win anything upto 50 pound! its really worth giving costa a try its got a lay out like foxy and polo bingo and you do have a good chance of winning at there are not many players! the tickets cost as little as a penny they also have minni games no so you can scratch a card  or spin the slots while playing online bingo what it great! so keep ya eye on the englaand games and hope we score loads over the contest