Bingo Broadway Prebuy Tickets

Added 2011-03-03 11:18:47

I have pre bought tickets at bingo broadway tonight the prize is a ds lite also pre bought tickets for Saturday night with a prize of £150.

I quite often pre buy tickets then usually forget that i have done so days later i will remember and go back and check to see if i have won. Some times cant even remember which site that i bought tickets at and have to hunt round hoping to find a nice little balance waiting for me some where.

Lol i never have won anything, but i have read stories of others pre buying tickets forgetting all about them. Aww not would that not be great to one day just log in to one of your favourite bingo sites and to find a nice healthy balance.

Well they say that it only takes one ticket to win and as bingo is a game of chance and all down to luck i am sure that one day when i pre buy tickets i will find a nice surprise waiting for me.

Good luck to any other ohmybingo players that have pre bought tickets at any site, i hope that some one gets a lovely surprise.