Bingo Brolly Play online bingo to protect you from the bad weather

Added 2010-03-29 17:34:49

Bingo Brolly time online bingo fans.  The forecast isn’t looking great for the week coming up!

Don’t worry OhMyBingo hasn’t turn into a weather forecast service lol. So far the last couple of weeks have been beautiful weather and with the British Summer Time coming in over the weekend we feel like we’ve been lured into a false sense of security. Unfortunately according to a number of top weather services we’re going to be facing a week of rain and cold temperatures with tonight possibly dropping below zero :(

The forecast is actually anticipating chances of snow up north and in Scotland so you’ll definitely be needing that bingo brolly!

But have no fear you can survive this bad weather with OhMyBingo’s Bad Weather Checklist:

1) Start stockpiling tea, chocolates and ready meals.2) Send the hubby and kids away on a weekend camping trip.3) Sign yourselves up to a top UK bingo site. 4) Prepare for a fantastic weekend of nonstop marathon bingo action with all your best bingo buddies.5) Get yourself a nice Bingo Brolly to protect yourself in case you have to go out to buy more tea, chocolates or ready meals.

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