Bingo Buddies or Bingo Bullies

Added 2010-03-10 12:21:02

I have played on many bingo sites and been in thousands of chat rooms and one thing always annoys me - the players who always chat in the same room and don't like it when players from other rooms come onto their "patch".

Why does this bother these players? Does it lower their chances of winning? I don't think so!

I'll give you an example of what I mean:

Whilst playing on one of my favourite UK bingo sites ( I won't mention any names but it was Tombola lol) I went into the Feather room to play a few games. I know a few of the regulars in there and my sister plays in that room all the time. When I wasn't getting near I decided to change rooms and went into the Fizz room just in time to see one of the other "ladies" tell her room mates that she had just been into the Feather room and it was like a morgue! And that one of their buddies was in there chatting away to all and sundry. They all went on to have a conflab about this player and what a turncoat she was and that when she came back into the Fizz room they would have it out with her. Although I didn't go back into the Fizz room, my sister did tell me that they were not very nice to the player who had "come back" into the fold. Like it was anything to them where this player went and what room she played in! It makes my blood boil when these players think they can rule the bingo site they play on    ( you all know who you are too!). Bingo is meant to be a fun place to have a laugh and catch up with friends and winning is an added bonus! Not a place where you can throw your weight around and bully people into thinking they have to do as they are told by you!!

So, buddy or bully? You decide what you want to be.

I know what I prefer ;)

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