Bingo cafe is a great site but you cant play in Ireland

Added 2010-03-10 16:01:50

Bingo Cafe is good site to play it gives you £10 free if you register or 200 spins on slots but is only for UK players. I try to register but im in Ireland so i can not why is that? That is bit not fair. A lot of people would like to play that site but they cant claim any bonus or register because off their nationality.

I know that on some UK bingo or casino web sites they do not let US players as well. I just can not understand why should it matter which countru you come from to be allowed to use or play on some web sites.

Some people do not just ply because of the money. They play for fun because they enjoy it and they like to play, and some of them play just play to fill up all the spare time they have so why they should not be alowwed to play just because the country they are from or they live at the moment.

I know that im not only person that think that way. So if you agree whit me or even if do not agree please post the commen and let me know what you think about that subject. I would like to know your opinion. Id love the play on Bingo Cafe in Ireland

Thank you.