Bingo Cafe is a Groovy Site

Added 2011-04-01 06:48:19

hi there everyone its clarence2009 again here to tell you a bit about that i think of bingo cafe site i can see that quite a few peeps on here already play there so you will all know what i mean.

But for others that dont heres a little bit about my views on Bingo cafe.  First of all when you first go on this site if you're anything like me then you will wonder if you have gone on the right thing as a room will appear with people and an arrow will point to which person you are and then you can move your person around the room to one of many tables where people are sat and join them at their table and play your bingo with them.

I must say i thought this was quite a groovy little thing to do makes a change from just a normal site lol there are also other rooms you can go to and go and play in just move your little person wherever you wanna go and your away the chat rooms are friendly and fun too i think this is a fun site to play on if you fancy something a little bit different.