Bingo Cams 1million bingo bonus give away

Added 2010-12-17 11:52:22

hey all in case u dont know bingocams will be opening in january now and they are letting you register there site now and be in chance of wining a bonus code no deposit required for when the site opens any thing from 5 pounds up to 100 pounds it could be they will be emailing the code to every one when the site goes live so make sure you dont delete the email by mistake to lol.

im curious to if you will have to have the webcam on as well as theres loads of people who aint keen on the idea of it but im not sure if i am my self lol if you do i will probs stick sumat over it lol till im kinda getting around to the idea. hoefully there will be an option though. i must admit im looking forward to the new site might be some thing different for us to all try out and since they are giving some codes away its even better to try there site out before we make a deposit then if we dont like it we havnt used any of our own money to find out have we lol. so dont forget to pre register