Bingo Cams Is Brand New WebCam Bingo

Added 2012-06-04 05:35:19

Bingo Cams is a totally new and exciting way to play bingo – because you play on your webcam! 90 ball bingo is the only variety available, and there are several different rooms for you to play in. Once you have chosen your room, buy your cards, and fire up the webcam. Bingo Cams is a hilarious way to play – you can videoconference with other players, but the most exciting thing is the Live Win Moment. Every month, Bingo Cams give away £1000 to the funniest/most creative live win moment. So, it's time for you to think about doing something REALLY wild and wacky – some players dress up, some people run around like lunatics – do what you want, but you've got to impress the judges. Also, if you let Bingo Cams use your Live Win Moment for promotional purposes, you get an extra 15 percent on top of your jackpot.

Okay, we know that Bingo Cams is really something new and different, so to entice you to try it, they give you a free £5 bonus. With fancy dress nights, massive jackpots, and instant games, it truly is the brand-new online bingo sensation. Try it – you will LOVE it.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.