Bingo Cams Late Nighter

Added 2012-11-23 08:28:06

Bingo cams are having a late one tomorrow night till 2 am play cops and robbers and all usual cg's. They say they wont spoil the surprise but they have a great night planned so its a wait and see. Dunno if you've played on there yet but its fun especially if you have had a few bevvies. I wont tell you my username cos I got some bad vids on there lol. Read more.

You get people adding you to private chat which is kind weird you don't have to except obviously but it can be lots of fun. I had some older woman add me and I don't know what her fella was upto in the background but it was hilarious after we'd had a drink.

At the moment Bingo Cams got a comp on to win a puegeot 107 with other prizes including laptops and smart tv's for collecting golden tickets. If you get on and spot a user with a similar name to me its not me hahahaha!