Bingo Cams want you see you SCREAM

Added 2011-06-20 11:38:14

Smile! Scream! Run around the room in circles with your hands in the air! How do you celebrate winning a game of online bingo? Well, now your celebration could win you £1000 courtesy of Bingo Cams.

Haven't heard of it? Bingo Cams is live online bingo that you play on your webcam! How exciting is that? Any time you win a prize and your web cam is active, your Live Win Moment is broadcast to everybody so they can celebrate with you. And, the best thing is, is that Bingo Cams give you a chance of winning £1000 if you have the best live win of the month.

Stuck for inspiration? There are over 1,200,000 recorded Live Win moments for you to cast your beady eye over, so take a look in the hall of fame and get some wacky ideas for celebrations.

Right now at Bingo Cams, the progressive jackpot is way over £13,000 -- so it's not just fun you can have with other players, you can win huge amounts of cash as well.

Register at Bingo Cams today for your £5 bonus and to meet your new friends face-to-face. There's no other bingo site quite like it.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.